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Interior Design

Our design team is fully dedicated to give the customer a unique experience of transforming his dreams into reality. We create a design that is affordable, sustainable & unique in concept and idea. Originality is an integral part of our philosophy.

Interior Design

Artistic Metal Works

We combine today’s technology, uncompromising standards and old world craftmanship to achieve brilliance in metal fabrication. We provide custom metal fabrication in a broad range of metal thicknesses, and finishes for various industries and consumers.

Artistic Metal Works

Chandelier Design

We are proud to be the exclusive agents of Lumes Chandeliers. We can custom make any design of lighting required by the client whether classical or modern. We have done many projects in the area like female prayer room-Grand Mosque, Shangri La hotel, Sonia hotel-India



  • Safes & Intrusion Alarm

  • CCTV

  • Gate Automation

  • Fire & Safety

Protecting your valuables and vital records from fire or theft is your main business.
For decades, we have been dedicated to the toughest and most secure safes, depositories, and lock boxes in the world.

When your security staff cannot be everywhere at once, your security system can. People want to be able to sleep soundly at night safe, knowing that there is no
chance of anyone breaking into their home, shops or companies without it triggering an alarm and calling the police

CCTV is a prodigious mode of augmenting the security of your home or business. It acts as a third eye which constantly monitors to identify potential intrusions into your property. Whatsoever be your CCTV requirements, we possess the expertise and technical resources to satisfy them. All you have to do is
Select your CCTV System
Make a choice of additional cameras
And leave it to us

Gate automation has become increasingly popular in recent years as different type of electric gate kits are available for all types of applications, whether for swing gates or sliding gates in domestic or commercial situations. Beside enhancing the appearance of your home automatic gates increase safety and security and very convenient to use.

Be it Slide Gate Automation, Swing Gate Automation or Electric gates, we are here for you. Bright House Trading LLC provides gate automation to suit all applications from domestic to commercial properties. Our gating solutions provide convenience, security and safety with remote accessibility using the reliable, versatile and cutting edge automation technology.

A proper fire extinguisher is the best cost-effective defense against property damage from a fire. By choosing the right type, fire extinguishers save lives and property by putting out small fire or containing one until the fire department arrives.

A vital piece of fire protection equipment for any kind of building. Over 90% of fires can be controlled by the use of a proper portable fire extinguisher- studies reveal. From industrial grade portable handle held devices to wheeled fire extinguishers, we offer a long list of products to choose from. Types of fire extinguishers include: Water & Foam, Water Mist, Wet Chemical, Regular Dry Chemical, ABC Muli-Purpose, Purple K, Carbon Dioxide, Halotron I Fire Extinguishers, High Performance Dry Chem & Class D Dry Powder fire extinguishers.

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