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Fire Alarm


Fire alarms are among the most common household safety devices with good reason; a well-placed smoke detector can be a serious life saver if fire breaks out. And since they are so inexpensive there is no excuse not to have at least one at your home or business.



We aim to increase the popularity of HD-CCTV products and enable them to go
into our daily life, business-industrial area, and the public environment.
People are comfortable to see security products around them. We dare to
challenge and implement new technology, and bringing new vision.

Gate Automation


Gate automation has become increasingly popular in recent years as different type of electric gate kits are available for all types of applications, whether for swing gates or sliding gates in domestic or commercial situations. Beside enhancing the appearance of your home automatic gates increase safety and security and very convenient to use.

Fire Extinguisher


A proper fire extinguisher is the best cost-effective defense against property damage from a fire. By choosing the right type, fire extinguishers save lives and property
by putting out small fire or containing one until the fire department arrives.



Protecting your valuables and vital records from fire or theft is your main business.
For decades, we have been dedicated to the toughest and most secure safes, depositories, and lock boxes in the world.

Intrusion Alarm


When your security staff cannot be everywhere at once, your security system can. People want to be able to sleep soundly at night safe, knowing that there is no
chance of anyone breaking into their home, shops or companies without it triggering an alarm and calling the police

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